Born to be a loser!

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Professor Hester the author...

Professor Hester has had a life rich in blessings from God, but it was not always like that.  Born into abject third-world level poverty, when there was no such thing as welfare, he started to work at the age of 12 to help support his dad and two brothers.  Raised on venison and pinto beans, he never knew exactly how poor he was, but life was one adventure after another. There was no mother in the home but with four males competing for everything; there was too much testosterone. According to every measure of our society, he was born to be a loser. 

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Professor Hester had one physical disaster after another, all designed by our maker to humble our born loser; and against all odds he has lived to tell the tale.  In 1987, God blessed him in a manner most unusual and his life was changed forever.    Jumping forward in time, we have a man who is a polished author in his own right.  Who would have ever suspected that the little urchin would defy the odds and morph into the man he is today.   Vibrant, healthy, a workaholic; younger men wonder, "How does he do it? His work ethic makes him one of a dying breed. He learned life's lessons well in his youth and now those lessons serve him. 

Enjoy the products of his mind, the experience of his life,
​and see the tenacity of a born loser, who made good.

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