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DOWNLOAD two files for:  How to Write Your Personal History


The links directly below will take you to OneDrive in the cloud to the author's "Public Folder" where you can download the files that you need to get started writing your book. 

Access the cloud and download the documents from these two links:

Link for Writing Instructions
Link for Book Template

Use the Book that you purchased as an example and refer to it often.  One image to look at, is worth a thousand words of explanation.  Download files for the Short-copy Template and Writing Instructions.  The author has avoided a detailed set of complicated Microsoft Word formatting instructions that are normally necessary to write a book, by doing the formatting for you.  Lucky you!                                        

Make sure you read the Writing Instructions for Template document, before you start writing in your book. The download will already contain all of the Microsoft Word formatting needed for your book, including:

  • Title of Book (replace with your title and your name as author)
  • Copyright notations (replace with your copyright)
  • Table of Contents,
  • Chapter headings,
  • Page numbering,
  • Paragraph headings.
  • Fonts and font sizes

If you don’t like the font or the size of the font, of course you can change the fonts.   In fact, you can change anything you want to change or you can use the template just as it is.  Be sure to make a back-up copy of each document and do not use or write on your Microsoft Word back-up copy.  Make a working copy of Short-copy Template and use the working copy when you actually start the process of writing your book.  After you download these two files and after you have read the Writing Instructions, you are ready to start writing your book.
You are then ready and you can actually start writing your book within the next five minutes.

How to Write Your Personal History