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Business Biography of Professor Hester

Professor Donald N. Hester, CPA BS, MS, PhD. (abd) CFO/Controller/Executive DirectorProfessor Hester worked 22 years as a tenured college Professor of Accounting, until 1996, when due to a diagnosis of terminal cancer, he took early retirement from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  After recovering from terminal cancer, in the intervening years, he worked as an executive financial accounting professional in industry.  Professor Hester has over 13 years of experience in nonprofits as Controller, Municipality Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Executive Director and has worked under contract for the AICPA in the capacity of Technical Reviewer and author of CPE courses for CPAs.

He is a CPA and he is active in his profession as a sponsor of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) with National Education for CPAs.  Professor Hester is recognized as an expert in educational matters, nonprofit entities, financial accounting, cost accounting with knowledge of many related complex issues, standards, and professional ethics issues.   
Professor Hester  has had a remarkable life, quite different from other men of this generation.  He has written two books about his life.  One is a tale that is full of “real” miracles, voices from the other side of the veil, night visions, personal revelations The other is  his autobiography, a compelling read for his posterity.  

If you are an educator in the field of accounting, you will love his book, "Knucklehead Accounting."  This book was written to address the constant stream of student drop-outs who quit during the first three weeks of the first semester in Accounting 101.  If your college has students who are having a hard time understanding the fundamentals of accounting, try this book simultaneously with your regular accounting textbook.

Have a look at his CPE courses for Nonprofits and his professional ethics course.

Recently, in 2017, he completed a book on nonprofits "Understanding How a Nonprofit Works." Written for Board members, new employees, and volunteers.

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