Born to be a loser!

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661 Inferential Statistics of Educational Models
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290 MS Thesis in Programmed Instruction

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Professor of Accounting

University of Alaska Anchorage

Anchorage (UAA) for 22 years.                                                                                            
The University of Alaska Anchorage, College of Business is nationally accredited.  I taught accounting financial principles, managerial, cost, and accounting systems. and I would like to teach auditing.  I have participated in and individually developed new dynamic accounting curriculum including new courses and seminars in strategic planning.

Professor of Accounting (Tenured)12-yrs
          Taught Financial Accounting, Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Accounting Information
..........Systems Design, and various other accounting software.

..........Chair of AACSB Accreditation Committee at UAA for 3 years.
          Member of Campus Wide Curriculum Committee for 4 years.
          Member of Departmental Curriculum Committee for 12 years.

Associate Professor, Anchorage Community College (Tenured)10-yrs

..........Chairman of Accounting & Finance Department for 8 years.         

          Administrator of Cooperative Education Program for 3 years.         

          Chair of Department Curriculum Committee for 8 years.        
          Taught Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Payroll Accounting, and Computer

Lecturer, Utah State University, Logan, Utah1-yr
          Taught EXCEL, WORD, and Database programs.

Personal and professional advocate for Alaskan Natives
          With funds provided by a President’s Grant, developed ANTRC (Alaska Native Technical Resource Center).
          Provided Seminars to Alaskan Natives and training for their financial accounting, budgeting, forecasting, cash, and payroll for the fishing industry.      
          Provided personal, financial, and academic one-on-one counseling for an estimated 9,600 individuals over a
..........period of 22 years.

A licensed CPA and have worked at the executive level in the nonprofit industry in accounting and finance

A proven entity, a great teacher and mentor with a good research and publication record.

An exemplary record of scholarship and research.        

The author has made research presentations in many foreign countries and in the USA
The author has 350 college credits of which 235 are graduate credits.

Formal Education

          BS, in Accounting from Arizona State University.
          MS, in Business Education from Utah State University.
                    Thesis:  “The Development and Evaluation of a Unit of Programmed Instruction for the Journalizing and
....................Posting of Adjusting and Closing Entries.”  Designed for individual online instruction.
          PhD. (abd), in Information Systems and Education from Utah State University.  
          K-12 Principal’s Administrative Certification