Born to be a loser!

I am a bona fide “Knucklehead” and proud of it.  
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to sit-in on your 101 Principles of Accounting course last Friday.  I thought I had a clear understanding of Chapters one and two and had only gotten lost on Chapters three and four. You recommended that everyone read Knucklehead Accounting on file at the Learning Center.

So after class I read Knucklehead Accounting. It didn't just help me, it saved my life! I went from totally lost to understanding the fundamental principles that accounting is based on in the first four chapters of the Accounting textbook. I thought I had understood it, but I had missed some key points about owner’s equity, capital, and expenses.

I only wished that I had read Knucklehead Accounting in the first few days. It really puts the basics in super simple, super clear, black and white text. The whole book took me two-three hours to go through. I really recommend that Knucklehead Accounting be required reading in the first week of all beginning accounting classes.

Perhaps most students can survive without it, but it certainly would expedite learning the basics.

By Alisa Barnhart   A  student at the University of Anchorage Alaska

Book Review:  Knucklehead Accounting