Book Review of My Time with God - The Father of My Spirit

Professor Donald Hester has put his heart into preparing this work that presents his personal story of his journey to know God.  His individual stories and experiences serve as a powerful canvas on which he paints his private journey to know the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His candor and pure honesty provide the reader with a view of how the Savior can work with an individual to bring about salvation.  His story further provides hope for a glorious future as the reader sees the overwhelming obstacles that Don faced in his personal life and overcame through his conviction to Christ.  Though the reader may not agree with all of the opinions or perspectives that Professor Hester presents they cannot help but to feel strengthened from his resilient nature and tremendous commitment.  Don is not afraid to share his shortcomings and humbly offers his faults to the reader so that they can learn from his life.

 The story presented in this book could be summarized in a single story shared by Don.  In his earliest days upon earth he left the hospital without a name due to a dispute between his parents.  Simply called, “No name baby” Hester he began life without a name to live up to.  Owing to a tremendous experience with angelic ministration his mother insisted he was to be called “Donald Norman Hester,” and his father agreed without hesitation.  Such is the life of this servant of God.  He often found himself without a clear identity or an understanding of his mission but through Divine intervention he came to know who he was and what God would have him accomplish.  Surely this is a lesson for us all.  Though not all readers will agree with everything he states most readers will be inspired by Donald Hester’s story and will be better having learned from his life.  

This review is from: My Time with God - The Father of My Spirit (Kindle Edition) 

It was an interesting read. It is like a discussion with a friend and their life experiences. It also gives an insight as to how our Heavenly Father teaches his children. It also gives you insights to the LDS religion and the logic used to answer those questions that other religions ignore. It makes you think and I enjoyed it.

Great Read!By  Bill Weyer  December 18, 2013 on  a friend of over forty-five years, my best friend.

I love the Author and His Book 

by Cliff Park  A resident of Springville, Utah and a personal friend of the author.

​​A Discussion with a Mormon
By Craig Belliston  
April 6, 2014 on A friend of over fifteen years.

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A very interesting read delivered by a man who I believe has been given insight by God. Many common beliefs of the LDS faith are taken a step or two further in Professor Hester's book and many of the things he has personally experienced in his life clearly draws his readers to better understand what our Father in Heaven wants us to accomplish in this life. I would suggest anyone truly searching for answers within their own hearts-check it out "My Time with God - The Father of My Spirit

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